Our network

Holland Tax Consult is a young network organisation of tax specialists. Our network is dynamic and continuously increasing, which enables us to serve our growing and varied client base both efficiently and professionally.

The consultants registered with Holland Tax Consult are excellent tax lawyers, specialized in either special types of taxes or certain groups of taxpayers. Moreover, they are entrepreneurial experts who run their businesses independently. They have an impressive combined experience acquired at major tax consultancy companies, the Inland Revenue Service, or at tax-education institutes.

A real Holland Tax Consultant is a passionate expert within his or her specialism, and is driven to offer the best support and advise to the client. Our approach is always personal and we have a strong no-nonsense attitude. We are not afraid to claim that we are more ‘human’ than most tax consultants. It’s the combination of this personal approach and the level of expertise that makes every Holland Tax Consultant a pleasant and adequate sparring partner.

Mr. Frank D. Kouwenhoven (1945)

Since 1976 an expert in the Dutch sales tax and VAT. He has extensive experience as tax adviser, and specializes in consumer tax. Successfully litigated in numerous tax procedures, including some taken to the Court in Luxembourg. For many years a teacher in sales tax at several accountancy training institutes, for which he wrote the book ‘BTW in kort bestek’ (VAT in short). Furthermore, he is a permanent staff member of ‘Fiscaal Praktijkblad’ (a magazine on practical tax issues).

Mr. Henk J. J. Oostdam (1965)

Since 1989 active as consultant in fiscal affairs. While working for one of the major Dutch tax consultants he studied economics at the Haagse Hogeschool and tax law at both the Federation Belasting Academy and the University of Leiden. Since 1999 he active as tax lawyer and focuses on the mix of practical application of tax law, and the theoretical elaboration of formal tax law. He often works for directors/major shareholders and family owned businesses. Member of the ‘Commissie Wetsvoorstellen’ (commission for the introduction of new bills) of the Register Belastingadviseurs (tax advisers).

Mr. drs. Marcel B. J. M. Tuyp (1968)

Both an economist and tax lawyer. He learned the trade at one of the ‘big four’ tax consultancy companies, is educated in organisational sociology and related issues regarding company successions, and has studied top management literature. He specializes in the fiscal unit aspect of corporation tax, and in appeal procedures regarding profit taxation. He has written many publications in the field of tax law.

Drs. Ing. J. T. H. (Hans) Lemmers (1958)

A graduate in tax economics and accountancy of the University of Amsterdam. He initially worked for the Inland Revenue Service as tax return officer, then switched to tax consultancy for several mid-sized tax consultancy organisations. Since 2008 he is an independent tax adviser for directors/major shareholders and offers fiscal support to accountants and administration companies. He specializes in, among other things, estate planning, pension advise, re-structuring, reorganisations, and optimizing profit and tax income.

Mr. Henriette Ancuta-Koning FB (1960)

Tax specialist since 1985. She has worked as senior tax adviser for some of the ‘big four’ tax companies. Since 2002 she is an independent adviser for entrepreneurs, expats, wealthy individuals, administration companies, and interest groups. Specializes in the links between income tax, corporation tax and inheritance law/capital transfer tax. She has litigated about entrepreneurship and business activities within the creative sector. She has been an editor of ‘Tribuut’, is an active member of the Dutch Federation of Tax Advisers, and is a member of the ‘Commissie Wetsvoorstellen’ (commission for the introduction of new bills) of the Register Belastingadviseurs (tax advisers).

Mr. drs. Michiel E. H. Opgenoort (1967)

A graduate in tax economics and tax law at the University of Tilburg. He has extensive experience as tax adviser with a mid-sized accountancy and a tax consultancy organisation, and with a smaller tax consultancy company. He has been independent since 2002, and mainly supports accountancy and administration offices with their tax issues. Advises on, among other things, the tax issues around mergers & acquisitions, fusions, (internal) restructuring of companies, or starting up new cooperation structures. He is also a teacher in tax law at a number of Dutch educational institutes. Moreover, he is an author for the ‘Belastingmagazine’ (magazine on taxes).