No-nonsense, independent and professional

Holland Tax Consult is a no-nonsense tax consultancy organisation. The basis of the organisation is a young network of independently-operating tax specialists who each have their own specialisms within Dutch tax law. This makes Holland Tax Consult and our services unique in the Netherlands.

Holland Tax Consult is completely independent and therefore always has only its clients’ interests at heart.
Our services cover everything from legal taxation issues to social insurances. Furthermore, our unique position allows us to successfully support our clients in complaints & appeal procedures, to offer (tax) support during mergers & acquisitions, and to offer advice in a wide range of fiscal issues.

If you have any inquiries, or if you wish to speak to one of our specialists, please feel free to contact us at

Our expertise, our services

Our specialized expertise makes us a preferred partner for entrepreneurs, governments, non-profit organisations, accountants and other professional service providers.

You may require our expertise and services for:

  • advise on your legal status regarding for example your income, corporate, sales and/or payroll taxes
  • our second opinion regarding advise provided by others
  • dealing with, and support during, complaints & appeal procedures
  • due-diligence research as part of mergers & acquisitions processes
  • support during (company) successions
  • tax scans in preparation of official tax inquiries
  • tax planning
  • asset and (company) succession planning
  • investment planning
  • structuring of your business
  • assistance with tax returns